INDOOR HYDROPONIC systems for home & Commercial use

GrowBox & GrowWall Gardening Systems

Indoor Gardening Solutions


Meet GrowFrame

  • Countertop and wall mountable hydroponic indoor gardening system
  • Value priced, ideal gift for health conscious friends and family
  • High capacity – 33 planting sites
  • System controller with energy efficient Auto-mode controls light and water cycles, while using only 0.44 kWh daily
  • Adjustable LED lighting with full color spectrum that helps plants thrive
  • Have fresh herbs and vegetables available on the kitchen counter
  • Hang in your living room or office as garden and decoration piece
  • Includes a starter kit with seeds, nutrients and pH adjusters
  • Promotional suggested price :US $249

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OPCOM Farm GrowBox in-home hydroponics system

Meet Growbox

  • Tabletop design Deep Water Culture hydroponic system
  • High capacity – 50 planting sites
  • Open frame design to accommodate plants over 3 feet tall or vining plants
  • Four height and angle adjustable sunlight simulating LED grow lights for efficient growth
  • System controller with energy efficient Auto mode that manages light and water cycles under 1kWh/day
  • Includes a starter kit with seeds, nutrients, pH adjusters, EC and pH meters
  • Price: $499

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OPCOM Farm GrowWall in-home hydroponics system

Meet GrowWall

  • Space saving vertical design with a 5-tier display
  • Easy to grow in one-touch AUTO mode
  • High capacity – 75 plant sites
  • Patented angle and height adjustable 4’ grow light tubes optimized for efficient growth
  • Five-tier design to beautifully display plants as living art in the home, office, or restaurant
  • Includes a starter kit with seeds, nutrients, pH adjusters , and EC & pH meters
  • Price: $599

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Optional Kit for GrowBox and GrowWall

Grow Kit Standard For GrowBox

Grow Kit Standard For GrowWall

OPCOM Link Kit For GrowBox

OPCOM Link Kit For GrowWall

Flower Kit for GrowBox (Normal)

Flower Kit for GrowBox (High)

Grow Kit For Water Balancing

Grow Kit For Nursery


Growing Basket

Standard OPCOM 18W (L18B) LED Growth Bulb For GrowBox

Professional OPCOM 50W (L50B) LED Growth Bulb For GrowBox

Professional OPCOM 200W (L200T) LED Growth Bulb For GrowBox

Standard OPCOM 30W (L30T) LED Growth Tube For GrowWall

Standard OPCOM 65W (L65T) LED Growth Tube For GrowWall

Reasons to Grow with OPCOM Farm


Clean, Safe Food

Provide your family with delicious, clean food, grown in your home, year-round. No pesticides, no pollution.


User Friendly

Our hydroponic systems are more convenient than growing outdoors. With no weeding or traditional watering, they take the physical toll out of gardening.


Fully Equipped

Both systems include seeds, pH management solution and nutrients – everything you need to start growing immediately.


Advanced Technology

All models feature an energy-efficient Auto-Cycle that controls lights and water circulation. Once planted, the growing process is automated.

OPCOM Farm vs. Traditional Gardening

Less Space

You can grow up to 75 plants at a time in 50% less space than a traditional outdoor garden.

Faster Growth

Compared to traditional outdoor gardens, plants grow 25% faster. Plant, pick and plate within as little as 4-5 weeks.

More Efficient

These environmentally friendly systems grow with 90% less water usage than outdoor gardening, and your food has a zero carbon footprint.

Find the right growing solution



Price $499 $599
Hydroponic Technique
Hydroponic Technique Deep Water Culture System Ebb & Flow System
Capacity 50 plant sites 75 plant sites
Unique Features
Unique Features Optional support for tall and vining plants Plants supported on five different levels
Design Easy-to-use tabletop design Space-saving vertical design
Size 41″ x 28″ x 23-34″ 58″ x 12″x 75″
Weight 39 lbs. 66 lbs.

Still Want to Learn More?

Visit the Learning Center to get more information on hydroponics and what you can grow with GrowBox and GrowWall. You’ll also find helpful videos on how to assemble your product and how to start planting.